Ontario Freemasonry moves into the Future

The Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario hopes that these articles through the
year have shown that Freemasonry is, today, a very extensive institution which includes
components for men, women, young men and young women. We believe it helps improve and
enhance their moral character and to understand the essence of the concept of “service to all.”

But it doesn’t stop here. Our Grand Lodge, through good and difficult times, has seen its
membership expand and contract. In recent years this appears to be in response to changes in
basic society influenced by the “computer age.” Many studies have shown that this membership
shrinkage has affected churches and social support organizations, Boy Scouts, etc as many of our
young people have turned away from understanding the concept of “service” to one of “self.” But
the needs are there and as we respond more publicly to assisting men, women, children, the old
and the young we will take satisfaction from our own service to others. This is not to change our
way of life, but to apply the fundamental principles we are taught: Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.
In this way we may demonstrate the value of belonging to, and actively participating in, this
Fraternity we all love, support and enjoy.

For those interested in further information on Freemasonry in Ontario please contact us at 363
King Street West, Hamilton, L8P 1B4 or at our website (https://grandlodge.on.ca/).

* * * * * *

What can we learn from these pulsating waves of Freemasonry? We can find common ground
for collaborative work in a friendly atmosphere. Persistence and perseverance will prosper in the
long term. People of different races, religions, nationalities and language can find common ground
beneficial to all. We can accommodate diversity in society. There are many different paths to
achieve the same benefits.

As prepared by Michael Jenkyns, Grand Historian, Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada
in the Province of Ontario