Announcing our partnership with Feed Ontario!

Freemasons help feed communities with Feed Ontario

This Thanksgiving, more families are visiting a food bank for the first time as our province continues to feel the effects of these challenging times.

As the demand and pressure on food banks grows, we’re excited to be launching a three-year partnership with the Freemasons of Ontario to help ensure food banks in every corner of the province have the resources, capacity, and healthy food to safely provide the best service to our communities.

Starting this Thanksgiving, Freemasons will provide the financial equivalent of 450,000 meals to Feed Ontario over the next three years.

Our past experience in helping communities manage and overcome crises (including natural disasters, community emergencies, and recessions) tells us that people will feel the rippling impact of this pandemic for years to come. The ongoing commitment from partners like the Freemasons will help us ensure Ontario’s food banks have the resources they need to continue to help our province recover and thrive for years to come.

Through the multi-year partnership, Freemasons will support Feed Ontario’s Operation Community Regeneration to replenish food supplies and provide more nutritious meals, renew services to adapt to our new normal, and strengthen resilience through long-term solutions to hunger.

Their support will specifically support investment into the food bank network’s fresh food capacity and service standards to ensure local food banks have the resources and knowledge to provide the best supports available to families in their time of need.

In addition to the provincial partnership, local Freemason lodges will partner with their local food banks in communities across Ontario through volunteering, fundraising, and other local-level partnerships. This financial support is funded by Ontario Freemasons through the Masonic Foundation of Ontario.