Announcing our partnership with Feed Ontario!

Freemasons help feed communities with Feed Ontario


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Freemasons Support Community Recovery

The Masonic Foundation of Ontario is feeding change, with its partnership with Feed Ontario to support food bank capacity and community recovery. We have helped invest in the Ontario Food Bank Network’s capacity to distribute fresh food that is so important to a healthy diet for those that Food Banks assist across Ontario.

Our donation of $50,000 is contributing to the supply of healthy meals and important infrastructure items like backup generators to ensure food remains fresh, new walk-in fridge capacity, entrance accessibility upgrades and refrigerated vans for the distribution of food.   

Given the impact that this donation has already made, in its first year, and the ever increasing use of food banks across the Province, the Masonic Foundation is pleased to announce on behalf of Ontario Masons, that this year’s donation of $50,000 will be topped up with an additional $50,000 to Feed Ontario.

“For The Cause of Good” our Members, Lodges and Districts are encouraged to play an active community role through direct assistance, delivery of food or monetary support. These efforts will enhance the $100,000 contribution by the Masonic Foundation of Ontario and relieve the necessities of those who rely on food banks every day.      

Ontario Masons Making A Difference In The Community