A sigh of relief for Ontario parents.

MASONIChIP LOGONo parent wants to think that one of the 55 children who are reported missing to police in Ontario every day could be theirs. MasoniChip, a comprehensive, non-invasive child identification program, started in 2007 to help Ontario parents be prepared for the unthinkable—at a time when seconds can count.


“MasoniCh.I.P. is one of the most comprehensive child recovery and identification programs in the nation.”

-The National Center for Exploited and Missing Children


The MasoniCh.I.P. program consists of five major components: digital photographs, digital video, digital fingerprints, vital child information, and a dental bite impression or intra-oral swab for DNA. The photographs, video, fingerprints, and child description are burned onto a CD that’s compatible with Amber Alert.  Combined, this five-part process provides an important, time-sensitive recovery tool for authorities.

The kits are prepared for free at events hosted across the province. It takes only 10 to 15 minutes to collect, process and provide the information to the parent or guardian. The only item retained by MasoniCh.I.P. Ontario is the signed permission slip.

Thanks to the support of Ontario Masons, almost 70,000 kits have been distributed since 2007.

Visit the MasoniCh.I.P. website.


“Even though it is our hope that no parent should ever need to use their kit, Masons remain committed to providing this comprehensive program ‘just in case’.”

- Zavar Byramjee, Program Director, MasoniCh.I.P.